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Tuesday, 29th August, 2017

HORNS OUT FRONT feature the multi-instrumentalist, Paul Higgs, trumpet, and Kevin Mcmahon, tenor sax, a very smooth musician, both of whom will play Horns Out Front accompanied by the resident trio.


Paul Higgs, a frequent visitor to the Club continues to perform at the highest level blending classical and jazz styles with simple ease. His CD ‘Pavanne’ reached No.1 in One World Charts. His recent collaboration with the Chris Ingram Quartet on the crafted biography of Hoagy Carmichael created CD’s ‘Hoagy’  and ‘Dudley’  highlighting the delightful music of Dudley Moore that are bringing great acclaim. Paul’s own show titled ‘A Brief History of Jazz’ is a fantastic tour of jazz history as recorded by trumpeters of the past.


Kevin Mcmahon hails from Dublin, in the emerald isles and currently leads his group ‘Swing Odyssey’ and plays at top London venues. His influences have been the great tenor players of Stan Getz, Lester Young and Dexter Gordon with a sound that veers between mainstream to swing with ballads and blues. He has recorded three of CD’s titled ‘Sometimes I’m Happy’, ’Stardust’ and his latest ‘Your Choice’.  Welcome back Kevin with those ballads and blues reflecting your classic looks and taste.










Tuesday, 26th September, 2017

SINATRA’S SONGBOOK featuring John Withers, vibraphone, accompanying Paul Wood, vocals, through the vast songbook of Frank Sinatra with which Paul entertained for many years on cruises with his ‘Salute to Sinatra’ tour.


John Withers, a self taught percussionist at home with either drums or vibraphone has played with a number of big bands as well as a host of celebrities. He never fails to entertain, so is it little wonder he is in constant demand gigging around jazz clubs with his eclectic choice of music. Tonight his programme will centre around Sinatra’s Songbook.



Paul Wood, found singing came naturally, soon entertaining publicly at every opportunity. He is a well respected in demand vocalist with his own particular approach to a song whether a delicate ballad or rhythmic swing tune that not many are able to match. He has travelled extensively in Europe and North America appearing with many big bands such as Glenn Miller Memorial Orchestra, Syd Lawrence Orchestra and James Last to name but a few. Listen to him croon his way through the Sinatra Songbook with ease and that cheeky little smile.






Tuesday, 31st October, 2017              

THE DYNAMIC DUO   featuring Dominic Ashworth, guitar Julian Marc Stringle, clarinet & sax bringing you an evening of unbelievable music bliss that always embraces this duo wherever they appear such is the understanding between them.


Dominic Ashworth, an exceptionally talented Canadian guitarist, who is a regular visitor to the Club for which we are extremely lucky to have as our guest, with his services being in great demand playing and touring with groups such as, Picante Latin Band, The Dream Band and also guesting with many other star musicians across the country. No matter the tempo, genre, style Dominic ticks all the boxes to ensure his audience is always wanting more.


                                                                                                                                                                                              Julian Marc Stringle, a child clarinet prodigy with a flamboyant air, and that's no pun, is the other part of this wondrous duo who seamlessly play as if one such is their understanding of each other's flawless musical ability. Julian has many mantels in the music world to all the genres, as well as his composing, arranging, writing, teaching and with his continuous gigging around the country it is little wonder that the late Johnny Dankworth quoted that he is the finest exponent of the clarinet in recent decades.







Tuesday, 28th November, 2017. 

CHRISTMAS CREW STRIKES AGAIN          featuring Mike Cotton, trumpet & vocals, Paul Higgs, keyboard, Derek Clenshaw, trombone, Martin Nickless, clarinet, Ted Simkins, bass and Dave Grant, drums, who begin the party sprit for the oncoming Christmas season with all styles, shades, tempos from Dixie to Mainstream plus our usual Christmas Buffet all for the party entrance cost of £15.00.


Mike Cotton, trumpet & vocals, played in various trad jazz bands in the late '50s, and in 1960 formed a group of his own where their sound was pure Dixieland. Known as the Mike Cotton Jazzmen the group played as many as 300 gigs a year. But as music styles constantly change Mike also changed and became known to play with a variety of entertainers. In the years since, he has remained active as a session musician, and in the '90's played with the 100 Club All-Stars, while the Mike Cotton Sound's name periodically surfaces through the history of British Traditional Jazz.




Paul Higgs, keyboards, needs no introduction being a regular visitor to the Club in a variety of guises that this multi-instrumentalist performs across the country usually with his preferred instrument, trumpet. Currently touring with the fantastic Chris Ingham Quartet with the brilliant musical biographies, Hoagy and Dudley portraying the lives and music of the legends Hoagy Carmichael and Dudley Moore both of which are receiving critical acclaim across the country. However on this occasion he will be enlightening you to his excellent keyboard skills of a master musician.



Derek Clenshaw trombonist, so often the choice of many top bandleaders, when in need of a freelance jazz musician performing with all UK jazz stars, with a music preference for mainstream and jazz standards, along with having that sweet touch with the warm rounded sound of the trombone. Derek has been seen in many bands, both mainstream and traditional, and has played with such well known names as Humphrey Lyttleton, Freddie Randall, Terry Lightfoot, Bob Kerr, Julian Marc Stringle, Mike Magic Henry, Mike Cotton, Bruce Adams, John Crocker, Enrico Tomasso and Simon Spillett.


Martin Nickless, clarinet, makes clear his first love in music is for the big band and his career includes various genres of music from classical to pop  He has played  for many West End shows, sessions for composer Stanley Myers as well as  touring with Jack Jones, Frankie Vaughan & Norman Wisdom. Martin is also known for his writing and arranging and is clearly an outstanding exponent of the clarinet and called upon for many gigs with other musicians.





Ted 'the hat' Simkins, skeletal bass, and a member of the resident trio, must be one of the oldest bass players around, but all musicians still wish for the same energy and prowess that he puts in at every gig. No matter the style or genre Ted fits into the groove automatically such is the experience of this much admired musician whose main interest at one time was photography. Whatever it is that keeps him going, if he could bottle it he would make a fortune.





Dave Grant, drums, and leader of the resident trio at Jazz at O B's, he has primarily kept the interest of  Jazz live in Brentwood, continuously for over thirty-five years since he first began  at The Old House and then at The Bardswell and now at Old Brentwood's Club  Dave enjoys the Dixieland style of jazz having played with many musicians of that genre and the many others who have been guests at the Club. He has his own quartet playing local gigs and also plays with Carlton Jazz Band.






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